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Lifeline Community and Youth CenterBuilding Lives of Excellence

Lifeline Community and Youth Center

The Situation: We Live in Troubled Times

America’s youth (25 and under) spends an average of 8+ hours a day ONLINE. Despite the connectivity, they are statistically the loneliest generation. Young people today are more likely to report depression…and less likely to have access to help for it.

From Columbine to Uvalde, our schools – once a bastion of safety – are now a place where these troubles bubble over into violence.

Here in Greene County, there is no place for our kids to go to spend time to exercise their bodies, minds, and souls.

Our Plan

Under the leadership of Bishop Michael V. Jackson, we are looking to build the Lifeline Community & Youth Center This 11,875 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility will include:

  • A multi-sport gymnasium complete with regulation basketball courts and bleachers
  • Office space for counseling, tutoring, and community aid programs
  • Event space for family and community parties and celebrations
  • Locker room and weight room facilities

The Mission

We are seeking donors to raise $1.5 million to build this facility here on the property of Emmanuel Christian Center at 111 New Life Drive Ruckersville, VA.

Lifeline Community and Youth CenterThe Lifeline Community and Youth Center is the cornerstone facility of an inclusive community located at West Highway 33 in Ruckersville VA. The facility will encompass approximately 12,000 square feet of space dedicated to community enrichment, family life, and programs focused on youth development such as:

  • Regulation gym and athletic facility
  • Counseling services
  • After school day care
  • Mentoring
  • Education and tutoring
  • Events – weddings banquets, etc.
  • Healthy family initiatives
  • Regional association meetings

Lifeline Community and Youth CenterThese programs are open to ALL families in Albemarle, Greene, Orange, and Madison counties and designed to provide a place to come for:

  • Youth – to find counseling, mentoring, and community activities and provide a face-to-face alternative to the vacuum of the internet
  • Families – for events, activities, support, and fellowship
  • Seniors – for healthy living options, learning opportunities, and community

Next Steps

Can you help us make Bishop Jackson’s vision a reality? If so, we are looking for:

Names of potential high dollar contribution donors

Individuals, businesses, foundations, boards.


Your service is an essential part of achieving our goal.
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